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We have a huge range of restaurant glassware and drinking glasses for your hotel, restaurant or bar as well as a few spectacular ranges of wine glasses for catering or for enjoying drinks at home.

Within our restaurant glassware collection you'll find every type of drinking glass needed for serving anything from wine and water to spirits and beer in your catering establishment.

We supply some exceptional quality wholesale glassware, including wine glasses from Schott Zwiesel and Arcoroc, which are the ideal for both commercial catering or your kitchen at home.

Restaurant Glassware & Drinking Glasses

Restaurant Glassware & Drinking Glasses

Choosing the best glasses for your restaurant normally comes down to your style of dining and your budget. We've been supplying restaurant glassware for many years so we know what type of glass is needed in commercial catering. Check out our full collection below or give us a call if you're not sure of the drinking glasses you need!

Schott Zwiesel Glassware
» Schott Zwiesel Glassware
This collection of Schott wine glasses and barware is an exclusive selection of some of the best glassware available for fine dining tabl...
Arcoroc Glassware
» Arcoroc Glassware
Our collection of Arcoroc glassware features a range of wine glasses, tumblers and tall drinks glasses suitable for any hotel or restaura...
Wine Glasses
» Wine Glasses
A collection of standard wine glasses for sale, suitable for use in any hotel, restaurant or bar. Affordable and practical wine glasses t...
Crystal Glassware
» Crystal Glassware
A collection of tritan crystal glassware that are of exceptional quality and are found in some of the top hotels and restaurants througho...
Duralex Glassware
» Duralex Glassware
Duralex glassware is a unique collection of tough, tempered glassware which is designed for use in busy food and drink service areas. The...
Glass Tumbler
» Glass Tumbler
A varied range of glass tumblers for bars, restaurants and hotels when serving drinks to customers. Tumblers and drinking glasses of all ...
Beer Glasses
» Beer Glasses
A stylish range of glasses for beer in many different shapes and sizes - perfect for hotels, restaurants, bars or at home! Beer is withou...
Glass Jugs and Pitchers
» Glass Jugs and Pitchers
This range of glass jugs for water and pitchers for juice are perfect for serving a refreshing beverage to customers tables to enjoy with...
Carafes and Decanters
» Carafes and Decanters
Glass carafes and wine decanters are a stylish and presentable solution when it comes to serving wine or water to your customers tables. ...
Coffee Glasses
» Coffee Glasses
Coffee glasses are an everyday essential in many cafes, restaurants and hotels who serve coffee at breakfast, lunch or after dinner. This...
Champagne Flutes
» Champagne Flutes
A collection of exquisite quality champagne flutes for weddings, birthdays and special occasions! After popping open the champagne, make ...
Sundae Glasses
» Sundae Glasses
These sundae glasses for ice cream come in many different shapes and sizes for serving a range of ice creams and other desserts in your h...
Brandy Glasses
» Brandy Glasses
Our traditional brandy glasses release the beautiful natural aroma and flavour of your favourite brandy for your customers maximum drinki...
Cocktail and Martini Glasses
» Cocktail and Martini Glasses
Serve your cocktails in style with our classic collection of cocktail glasses! Perfect for serving your martini, daiquiri or cosmopolitan...
Shot, Sherry & Port Glasses
» Shot, Sherry & Port Glasses
Throwing back your favourite shot from one of our shot glasses can really get the party started! Our collection of port and sherry glasse...
Bouqet Glassware
» Bouqet Glassware
Bouquet Glassware is a unique collection of bar and wine glasses from John Artis which will bring a touch of class to any table setting. ...
Glass Bowls
» Glass Bowls
Glass Mixing Bowls are the perfect kitchen accessory for mixing ingredients or serving salads and snacks to guests or visitors. Some of t...