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Chefs Knives

Chefs Knives are an essential part of any chefs range of tools and equipment for preparing and chopping food in the kitchen.

Our collection of chefs knives and kitchen knives feature some of the best knife brands in Europe including Victorinox and Granton knives. Whether you need colour coded knives for the restaurant kitchen or if you simply need a few good knives for the kitchen at home, you'll find a great range of professional kitchen knives throughout the sections below.

Chefs Knives & Kitchen Knives UK

Chefs Knives & Kitchen Knives UK

You'll be chopping, slicing, peeling, slicing and dicing with our range of fabulous kitchen knives in no time at all!

We've also got a range of knife storage solutions, knife sharpeners and speciality knives for all your knife needs! Remember, if you can't find the knife you're after please get in touch and we'll try and source it for you!

Victorinox Knives
» Victorinox Knives
Victorinox kitchen knives are a worldwide brand featuring some of the best kitchen knives used by chefs around the globe. Victorinox kniv...
Granton Knives
» Granton Knives
Granton knives are found in kitchens throughout the UK and Ireland, offering a hard wearing and long lasting knife with excellent blade s...
Gustav Knives
» Gustav Knives
Gustav knives are a range of German knives which are described as the perfect blend of balance and weight. Gustav knives are manufactured...
Colour Coded Knives
» Colour Coded Knives
Colour coded knives have become a necessity in all professional kitchens due to developments in food hygiene over the past number of year...
Value Knives
» Value Knives
If you're working with a limited budget our range of cheap chef knives features a range of professional knives that strike the perfect ba...
Knife Sharpeners
» Knife Sharpeners
After continued use, most knives will lose their initial sharpness and will need to be sharpened or restored to their full potential. Man...
Knife Storage
» Knife Storage
Storing knives safely and correctly in any kitchen is vital to firstly ensure the safety of others in the kitchen as well as making sure ...
Peelers, Zesters and Corers
» Peelers, Zesters and Corers
This range of vegetable peelers, citrus zesters and corers are the perfect kitchen accessories for preparing fruit or veg before cooking ...
Cheese Knives and Slicers
» Cheese Knives and Slicers
Using kitchen knives to slice large blocks of cheese can be a difficult and tiresome job. Why not use one of our specialist cheese knives...
Scissors and Shears
» Scissors and Shears
Kitchen scissors and poultry shears are handy kitchen accessories for cutting up food or preparing cuts of meat for cooking. Our range of...
Carving Forks
» Carving Forks
Carving forks are ideal for safely holding large roasts of meat during carving. These forks help to prevent the meat moving whilst slicin...
Palette Knives
» Palette Knives
Palette Knives have been described as the bakers best friend. This specialist knife with an elongated handle is perfect for spreading ici...
Wedding Cake Knives
» Wedding Cake Knives
Wedding cake knives are used for the wedding cutting ceremony where the bride and groom are photographed by guests and photographers whil...
Oyster Knives
» Oyster Knives
Oyster knives are a specialist shaped knife designed for the sole purpose of opening oyster shells. These knives are blunted for a bit of...
Hachoir Chopping Knives
» Hachoir Chopping Knives
These hachoir knives are a double handled knife which are designed for chopping herbs and spices, but can also be great for slicing pizza...
Knife Gloves
» Knife Gloves
Knife gloves offer chefs a bit of added protection when cutting and slicing food in the kitchen. These cut resistant gloves will protect ...