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Peelers, Zesters and Corers

This range of vegetable peelers, citrus zesters and corers are the perfect kitchen accessories for preparing fruit or veg before cooking or for plate decoration.

Vegetable peelers are great for quickly peeling spuds, carrots, parsnip or any other root veg. Using a sharp knife to peel veg isn't quite as quick and effective as using a professional vegetable peeler and isn't quite as safe, although you do need to use some caution as these peeling blades can be quite sharp.

Citrus zesters are most commonly used for zesting lemons, oranges or limes for adding a splash of flavour to your favourite recipes.

Using a corer to quickly remove the core from foods such as apples or pineapples reduces your food preparation time and gives you a much cleaner cut and more presentable end product.

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Showing items 1 to 14 of 14 items