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We have an extensive collection of Restaurant Cookware for professional chefs, or for cooks at home, which can be found in kitchens throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our range features some of the best cookware brands from around the world including Bourgeat and Paderno, as well as a few brands such as Stellar and Horwood providing fantasic cookware for your kitchen at home.

Restaurant Cookware for Professional Chefs

Professional Cookware for Chefs

Whether you need a new set of pots and pans for your kitchen at home or you need to kit out a new kitchen from scratch, our collection of restaurant cookware for chefs will provide you with everything you need to get your kitchen up and running!

Check out our full range below and if you've any questions, just give us a call.

Induction Cookware
» Induction Cookware
As indcution hobs grow in popularity it is increasingly important to make sure that your cookware is compatible. Most steel and cast iron...
Aluminium Pots and Pans
» Aluminium Pots and Pans
Our collection of aluminium pots and aluminium pans are sourced from a range of manufacturers including Chefset, Longlife and Genware, pr...
Stainless Steel Pots and Pans
» Stainless Steel Pots and Pans
Stainless steel saucepans are a popular choice with both professional and domestic cooks due to their fantastic durability and stylish ap...
» Stockpots
Stockpots are wide pots with flat bottoms and straight sides that are used for cooking stews, soups and casseroles. These stockpots have ...
Frying Pans
» Frying Pans
Our frying pans, or skillets are available in a range of materials - aluminium, stainless steel or black iron - and from a range of manuf...
Sautese and Saute Pans
» Sautese and Saute Pans
This unique collection of saute pans & sauteuse pans are perfect for frying, searing and of course sauteing meat or veg. Saute pans are i...
Milk Pans
» Milk Pans
Milk pans are generally used for warming milk but are also fantastic pots for making sauces as well. The pouring lip found on the edge of...
Black Iron Cookware
» Black Iron Cookware
We supply a range of black iron cookware and black iron pans from professional manufacturers. These frying pans are more robust than stan...
Cast Iron Cookware
» Cast Iron Cookware
Cooking with cast iron cookware is a firm favourite amongst professional chefs and these pans will last a lifetime if you season them cor...
Crepe and Omelette Pans
» Crepe and Omelette Pans
When making crepes or cooking omelettes, having the right pan for the job is a simple essential for any cook. Our range of crepe pans and...
» Woks
Woks for stir frys and other Oriental dishes are used extensively in Chinese cuisine but can be found in many professional kitchens throu...
Roasting and Baking Trays
» Roasting and Baking Trays
This huge range of roasting and baking trays are commonly used for baking or roasting in your oven. These trays are designed for use with...
Porringers and Double Boilers
» Porringers and Double Boilers
Using a porringer to heat foods such as porridge is a simple process which helps prevent food being burnt as it avoids the cooking surfac...
» Steamers
Steaming vegetables using a steamer allows you to cook up to three different vegetables at once, helping to save both cooker space and en...
Egg Poachers
» Egg Poachers
Poaching eggs is perhaps one of the most challenging ways to cook an egg. Our range of Egg Poachers help you to get the first step right,...
Copper Pots and Pans
» Copper Pots and Pans
This collection of copper pans and copper ware offer great heat distribution throughout the cooking surface for perfect cooking, every ti...
» Griddles
These traditional styled griddles are perfect for traditional baking and can be used for scones, crumpets and even naan bread.
Bain Marie Pots
» Bain Marie Pots
Round Bain Marie Pots are a useful serving solution at hot food counters or buffets which can hold and keep foods warm such as sauces, so...
Mussel Pots
» Mussel Pots
Our range of stylish Mussel Pots are the perfect pot for cooking and then serving mussels at your customers tables - they can even use th...
Plate Covers and Rings
» Plate Covers and Rings
Plate Covers and Plate Rings are an easy way to help prevent flies or other foreign bodies from landing on your plated meals, while also ...