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Aluminium Frying Pans

Our collection of aluminium frying pans are available in a huge range of shapes, styles and sizes. Whether you need a pan for frying sausages or a giant pan for cooking paella, our range of aluminium frypans offer both fantastic value and high performance cooking.

Our aluminium pans are sourced from a range of suppliers including Bourgeat, Chefset, Genware and Paderno. Most of our pans are suitable for commercial cooking in professional kitchens but we also have a range of frying pans suitable for your kitchen at home.

Aluminium frying pans are lightweight, yet durable, and are great conductors of heat ensuring that your cooking surface of the pan does not develop hot spots during cooking. These pans are also resistant to corrosion and will not rust providing you with a range of quality cookware with great longevity and fantastic cooking results.

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Showing items 1 to 5 of 5 items