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Silverwood Bakeware

Alan Silverwood Bakeware is a unique collection of quality bakeware that is used by bakers and chefs throughout the UK, Ireland and further afield.

Silverwood bakeware is manufactured from anodised aluminium, giving it a non stick surface with fantastic heat distribution meaning your cakes, pies and puddings cook evenly and produce a much better end result.

Alan Silverwood is one of only a handful of bakeware manufacturers who fully produce their range of bakeware within the UK. We feel that this guarantees a much higher quality finish of bakeware and this is recognised in the fact that Silverwood bakeware is a firm favourite amongst both professional and domestic bakers.

Silverwood have also recently launched a brand new range of bakeware in association with Delia Smith and her new book. We stock the complete range which can be found in our Delia Smith Silverwood bakeware section.

**Please note that we are currently low in stock of Silverwood items, and it may be some time before they will be replenished as the factory is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus situation**

Silverwood Cake Tins
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Silverwood Sandwich Tins
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Silverwood Pudding Moulds
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Silverwood Flan Tins
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Silverwood Baking Sheets
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Silverwood Loaf Tins
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Silverwood Pie Moulds
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Silverwood Food Rings
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Silverwood Wedding Cake Tins
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Silverwood Funnels
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Fat Daddio's Bakeware
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