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Silverwood Cake Tins

Our collection of Silverwood Cake Tins are available in many different shapes, sizes and styles - perfect for baking cakes or cupcakes professionally or as a treat at home.

Silverwood cake tins are perfect for a whole range of cake baking activities - whether you are baking desserts for the restaurant, baking a cake for the family at home or even baking wedding cakes!

Manufactured from anodised aluminium, these cake tins are non stick and with an easy to clean surface, giving you a fantastic cake tin that will stand the test of time in any kitchen.

Alan Silverwood is one of only a handful of bakeware manufacturers who fully produce their range of bakeware within the UK. We feel this guarantees that the range of Silverwood cake tins are finished to a much higher quality than imported bakeware, and this is recognised in the fact that thse cake tins are a firm favourite amongst professional and domestic bakers.

**Please note that we are currently low in stock of Silverwood items, and it may be some time before they will be replenished as the factory is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus situation**

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Showing items 1 to 19 of 19 items