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Food Service Dishes

Our collection of food service dishes includes a range of food serving platters, banqueting dishes, oven to tableware and chip serving baskets - everything you need to bring your food service to the next level!

These food presentation dishes add a professional element to your food service and ensure that your customers are treated to spectacular tabel settings, as well as exceptional food.

We have food service and presentation dishes to suit most styles of dining. Have a browse through the sections below and make sure you have the ideal serving dishes that your food deserves.

Wooden & Composite Platters
» Wooden & Composite Platters
Bring a rustic charm and authentic feel to your table tops with our collection of wooden & composite platters for serving food. Designed ...
Sizzle Platters
» Sizzle Platters
Bring the drama of your kitchen right into your restaurant and onto your customers tables with our sizzle platters - great for serving a ...
Stainless Steel Vegetable Dish
» Stainless Steel Vegetable Dish
Whether you're serving a selection of vegetables at a carvery or directly to your customers tables, this collection of stainless steel ve...
Stainless Steel Banquet Dish
» Stainless Steel Banquet Dish
Our range of stainless steel banqueting dishes are the ideal solution for restaurants and hotels for serving vegetables and other foods a...
Miniature Serving Dishes
» Miniature Serving Dishes
Our collection of Miniature Serving Dishes are the perfect serving accessories which will help bring your food presentations to the next ...
» Ramekins
You'll normally find a supply of ramekins in any professional kitchen. These handy little dishes have a whole range of uses including ser...
Melamine Dishes
» Melamine Dishes
Melamine dishes are a lightweight alternative to traditional cockery and are popular due to it's durability and longevity. Our selection ...
Oven to Tableware
» Oven to Tableware
Bake lasagnes, pies or flans in your oven and serve directly to your customers tables with our oven to tableware collection. The obvious ...
Chip Baskets & Buckets
» Chip Baskets & Buckets
Our chip baskets and chip serving buckets offer you a stylish alternative to present and serve chips or wedges to your customers. We have...
Slate Platters
» Slate Platters
This small selection of slate platters for serving food offers you an eye-catching alternative to present and serve your food in your res...
Sundae Dishes
» Sundae Dishes
Serve ice cream in style with these sundae dishes - perfect for any cafe, restaurant or hotel. These ice cream dishes are available in a ...
Table Food Warmers
» Table Food Warmers
Keeping food warm at your customers table after it has been served can be a problem with some dishes. Thesefood warmers ensure that any d...
Miniature Oven to Tableware
» Miniature Oven to Tableware
Our collection of miniature oven to table items are a fantastic alternative for use in bars and restaurants.
Stainless Steel Meat Flats
» Stainless Steel Meat Flats
Our range of stainless steel meat flats are perfect for serving and carving roast joints of meat in your hotel or restaurant. These meat ...