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Beverage Equipment

This collection of beverage service equipment and drink dispensers provides a professional solution when serving tea, coffee or other drinks in your hotel, restaurant or during an event or function.

Keeping your tea or coffee warmer for longer during service is probably one of the most challenging aspects of any beverage service. Our collection of tea and coffee equipment is designed to make your job of brewing, serving and storing tea or coffee that much easier. Our range of beverage equipment includes:

Tea & Coffee Equipment and Beverage Service

Tea & Coffee Equipment & Beverage Service

Have a browse through the sections below and make sure your cafe, hotel or restaurant is well equipped for your next beverage service!

Pump Action Flask
» Pump Action Flask
Our collection of catering grade pump action flasks for tea and coffee are the ideal solution for serving hot beverages in your office, a...
Vacuum Jugs and Flasks
» Vacuum Jugs and Flasks
Our collection of Vacuum Jugs and Flasks are the perfect accessory for serving hot beverages including tea, coffee or just hot water. Cho...
Tea and Coffee Serving
» Tea and Coffee Serving
Choose from our huge range of equipment for serving tea and coffee to make sure your guests or customers get a refreshing cup of tea or c...
Coffee Machines
» Coffee Machines
Our collection of commercial coffee machines for restaurants or cafes are designed to brew larger volumes of coffee to serve customers in...
Autofill Water Boilers
» Autofill Water Boilers
This collection of autofill water boilers from Lincat and Instanta are designed for use in commercial catering environments but can also ...
Manual Fill Water Boilers
» Manual Fill Water Boilers
If you need a regular supply of boiling water but don't want to connect your boiler into the mains water supply, then you will need a man...
Cup Dispensers
» Cup Dispensers
We stock a range of cup dispensers for foam, plastic or paper cups. Some of these cup dispensers are wall mounted while some are built in...
Jugs & Decanters
» Jugs & Decanters
Whether you're serving coffee, milk or simply water, our collection of jugs and decanters are the ideal beverage accessories for any cafe...
Napkin Dispensers
» Napkin Dispensers
Make sure your napkins are stored and displayed in a neat and tidy fashion with our range of stylish napkin dispensers for restaurants, c...
Juice and Milk Dispensers
» Juice and Milk Dispensers
Perfect for serving juice or milk at breakfast time in your hotel or restaurant, these juice and milk dispensers feature a range of styli...
» Kettles
We supply a few different models of electric kettles for boiling water for tea, coffee or cooking in your kitchen at home. These kettles ...
Flask Labels
» Flask Labels
Make sure your customers or guests know exactly what they're pouring in their cup with our range of flask labels for tea, coffee or hot w...
Coffee Stencils
» Coffee Stencils
Add a little character to your coffee with these stylish coffee stencils which allow you to add a simple design to the top of your coffee...
Cup Heaters
» Cup Heaters
Help keep your customers tea or coffee warmer for longer by pre heating your cups with one of our cup heaters. We have a 40 or 60 cup cap...
Water Boiler Descaler
» Water Boiler Descaler
Make sure your water boilers remain in perfect working order with our range of water boiler descalers and filters.
Soda Syphons
» Soda Syphons
Creating your own carbonated water to serve in your bar, restaurant or at home is easy with our range of soda syphons. We also supply a r...