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Bain Marie Hot Cupboard

Our range of bain marie top hot cupboards are the perfect choice for large restaurants, hospitals, schools or hotel kitchens. The ample storage space underneath makes it easy to store and transport (with the mobile hot cupboards) hot food, or even warm plates before service.

The bain marie dishes on top of these hot cupboards are ideal for storing and serving hot food such as vegetables, chips or sauces - perfect for any busy service period.

Our hot cupboards are sourced from a range of manufacturers giving you fantastic options to suit the needs your kitchen. We have many different sizes and some of our bain marie top hot cupboards have wheels which allows them to be easily transported if required.

Check out the full range below and make sure you get in touch if you need any further details on any of our models.

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Showing items 1 to 4 of 4 items