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Oyster Knives

Oyster knives are a specialist shaped knife designed for the sole purpose of opening oyster shells. These knives are blunted for a bit of added safety but you must be careful when opening oysters with this knife - follow our guide below for opening oysters effectively!

How to open an oyster?

Firstly, clean the outside of the oyster and then hold it in a towel, or use specialist cut resistant gloves, with the hinge of the oyster (pointed side) sticking out.

With the flat side of the oyster up, insert the tip of your oyster knife and holding the oyster firmly, slip the knife around the edge of the oyster shell until you reach the other side of the hinged shell. Keep the oyster level to make sure you don't lose any liquid, keeping the knife inserted about half an inch into the shell with the tip pointed slightly upwards.

Pop the shell open with your fingers and detach any remaining muscle from the top shell with the oyster knife, allowing you to remove the top shell.

Use the oyster knife to detach the muscle beneath the bottom shell and you're ready to serve your fresh oyster whichever way you please!

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