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Oval Sizzle Platter with Wooden Base

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Oval Sizzle Platter with Wooden Base
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Product Description

This oval sizzle platter with wooden base is the perfect serving dish to create a real sense of drama in your restaurant. These sizzle platters are suitable for any style of cuisine but they are very popular with Chinese or Indian restaurants.

These sizzle platters are made from cast iron and can be heated by placing in the oven to get the platter to the correct temperature to create the sizzle effect. 

Serving on your oval sizzle platter

When you are ready to serve your sizzling steak or chicken, carefully place the hot sizzle platter onto the wooden liner using the handle provided being careful not to actually touch the cast iron platter as it will be extremely hot.

Chefs normally add a drop of oil to the sizzle platter to ensure that any food placed on it does not burn, plus this also helps with the sizzle and smoke effect.

When your meal has been plated up, you can bring the platter to the customers table with your dish sizzling and creating a plume of smoke - a wonderful sight in any restaurant!

Please ensure that your kitchen staff or customers do not touch or try to lift the sizzle platter with their hands as these are extremely hot.

Seasoning your cast iron sizzle platter

If you are using these sizzle platters for the first time we recommend that you firstly wash the pan with luke-warm, mild soapy water, being careful not to scour the platter. Rinse the cast iron platter in warm water and dry. Coat the platter in cooking oil and leave on a low heat for approximately 30 minutes. Wipe off any excess oil which may remain on the pan and you are ready to go!

Cleaning your sizzle platter

When cleaning your cast iron sizzle platters, clean the platter in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly to help prevent rust forming. If you have time, it can help the pan if it is reseasoned before storing away for future use.

If rust does form on you pan scour the pan using a little oil and reseason as normal.

These cast iron sizzle platters are available in two sizes, 9.5" or 11", and they come along with the wooden liner as standard.

Size (with liner): 9.5"(12.25") or 11"(13")


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