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Colour Coded Chopping Boards

Using a colour coded chopping board will help prevent cross contamination between food groups which could potentially cause food poisoning in your dining establishment or takeaway.

The recommended guidelines from the Food Standards Agency suggest that you should use each colour of chopping board with the following food groups:

  • Red - Raw Meat
  • Blue - Raw Fish
  • Yellow - Cooked Meat
  • Brown - Vegetables
  • Green - Salads & Fruit
  • White - Bakery & Dairy

We have a variety of colour coded chopping board sets available, in a range of densities. The higher density, thicker boards will have a much longer lifespan but are slightly more expensive whereas the lighter duty boards may suit those with a limited budget.

Food hygiene is an important consideration for any catering establishment. Primarily you need to consider the health and safety of your customers, while also ensuring that your reputation is not tarnished by an outbreak of food poisoning.

By using our colour coded chopping boards and ensuring your chefs follow the recommended guidelines, you can greatly reduce the chance of cross contamination between food groups in your kitchen.

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Showing items 1 to 12 of 12 items